Tuesday, 26 October 2010

NerDgasm Halloween Special!

Dave's doing another quiz!
It's on Halloween!
That's this Sunday folks!
Usual place: Pillars of Hercules.
Slightly earlier start, 6.30pm!
See you there!

Sunday, 17 October 2010

It had to happen!

I am, as you know, in a state of suspended animation BUT there are others roaming these corridors while I sleep. Look, over there, in the shadows! A bulky figure, frothing gently down his vest.

Move closer...

Friday, 8 October 2010

I live!

Quickly, quickly, because I'm meant to be working and not listening to the new Manics album or blathering on about comics...

I haven't bought a new comic for more than a month.
It's clear that when I return to the fold I'll have a ridiculous amount of catching up to do, or maybe I just won't bother and start all over again.
It's odd, I'm barely missing the superhero muck, but when I hear there's a new Charles Burns or that Prison Pit Volume Two is out, well, I get a bit twitchy.
"All good things..." as they say.
Tell you what though, imaginary web chums, when I eventually get a job and some cash there's going to be a fuck of a big comics blow out at LLC Towers!
Oh yes, the postman is going to have his back broken by the number of Creepy and Eerie Archives he'll be carrying up my garden path.

As for single issues, I actually read a few of the freebies on Comixology the other day and I was OK with it. Think I might end up reading them digitally, or make the switch to trades.

Right, that's it. Barely worth saying, I know, but it's good to give the sleeping blog a prod every now and then just to remind you it's not dead.