Saturday, 22 November 2008

Comiket 2008

I made it to Comiket a little later than I planned, which meant I just caught LLC reader Bruce and his missus as they were leaving. Was nice to meet you both though and hopefully we can sort out a drink sooner rather than later. Also present was Mike Leader who was lashing what little cash he has on a selection of the huge amount of small press comics on sale. He's just made the move to London and is struggling for work at the moment, but is a talented writer who I'm sure will make it as a journalist sooner rather than later - check out some of his excellent stuff HERE.

And so to Comiket itself. I had planned to take some photos, but my usually trustworthy camera phone has packed in. All you need to know is that there were a LOT of young (and some not so young) indie creators there hawking their wares. Among those I recognised was Jamie McKelvie of Phonogram fame, and Mr 2000AD Prog Slog - Paul Rainey who as well as reading the Galaxy's Greatest in chronological order also makes his own comics (one of which I bought).

Apparently the chaps behind LLC favourite The Sound of Drowning were also around, but while I located their table, they themselves were nowhere to be found. Shame really as I would have liked to have met them.

Most of the other creators were new to me, and with more new comics on offer than I have seen for some time, I have to admit I was overwhelmed. In the end I picked up seven comics ranging in price from £1 to £8. I've already read a couple and will have a bash at reviewing them all over the next week or so.

I'll certainly make a point of attending future independent comic marts. There's a lot of good stuff out there.

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Mike Leader said...

Thanks for the kind words, Dom. Was nice to hang out and have a chat. Looking forward to hearing about your pick of the pile!