Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Geeks of the week

Take a look at this dynamic duo...

A father and son team who I've seen at every comic mart I've attended in the past three years and to be frank, a right pair of fucksters.

They come to every show armed with a wad of dirty old index cards and ALWAYS seem to be after the same stuff as me. Many's the Sunday afternoon I've been forced to stand behind them watching angrily as they shovel huge runs of The Teen Titans, Night Force or Rom into that nerd sack you can see strapped to the youngling's back.

The worst thing is that they seem to buy the same stuff over and over again. They must have at least 10 full runs of The Teen Titans by now.

Gahhhhh! Curse their stinking hides.

This has been number #5 in a series of LLC stalkathons. For previous geeks clickee

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