Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Nostalgia bytes

Via the Twittering of Charlie Brooker comes this quite splendid link to ancient Spectrum game cover art.

What a sensational collection that is. It really deserves a nice coffee table book.

Friday, 6 May 2011

My ebay disgrace

So, I make a bit of money freelancing and it immediately goes on this...
Seal's getting cracked as soon as it arrives.
I now own Giant-Size #1!

It's a sickness.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

May Day! May Day!

Happy May Day, comrades! There's a mart today. Lovely day for it, too. Sadly I will not be in attendance. This pains me but I've got another appointment at 2pm, so any visit I did make would be ridiculously short. Part of me wants to go just to stick my head round the door and take in the bouquet - you know the one, the whiff of acid spewing old comic bags mingled with the sweat of King Stinker and his chums? Mmmmmmm. Breathe it in! I will not let myself be that sad, though. Next one! Yes. Next one!

Not that I need any more tat anyway. I've got humongous amounts of yellowing rubbish to plough my way through as it is. Even though I dropped my weekly comic habit months ago, I'm still faced with piles of unread comics. I have a feeling that I'll never read everything I own.

On a different subject, I went to see Thor the other day. I was meant to be doing the shopping, but there was Thor, looking all lovely and shiny on his poster, so off I went. Enjoyed it quite a bit actually. Saw it in 3D, which was quite odd. Never been to a 3D film before. Those glasses really bring down the brightness, don't they? The stuff with the frost giants looked really dark through my specs. Great special effects though, and lovely costumes. Loved the Destroyer and the Rainbow Bridge. I'm also a fan of black Heimdall - yes. Don't fuck with Stringer! Thought Volstagg was more like Gimli than Volstagg, but that's just a minor gripe really. Overall it was a highly enjoyable romp. I'm ashamed to say that the obligatory Stan Lee cameo made me laugh out loud. I'm too easy. Nice Odin from Hopkins - still think Brian Blessed would've been a braver/funnier choice. Natalie Portman was fairly fit. Loki's helmet was spectacular. And is just me, or does anyone else get an immense feeling of nerdish superiority watching people leave the cinema before the post credits extra scene? "Ha! You're leaving! Don't you know there's a secret bit at the end? You clearly AREN'T a proper comic fan type. Your loss, well adjusted normal people! Your loss!"