Monday, 3 November 2008

Bad Magic/Red Lanterns

Apologies for the lack of activity imaginary web chums, I've been busy with work, babies and errrm Magic The Gathering Online. Yes, rather shamefully I've fallen into the trap of playing a collectible card game on the internet - what a plum. There are many reasons to hate MTGO, the main one of course is that I'm absolutely shite at it, like, REALLY terrible. Honestly, if I had a penny for every time I've been called a retard by my angsty teenage opponents, I'd have about £1.20 by now. It's soul crushing stuff. I have to stop.

The other thing to hate about this time gobbler of a game, is the huge expense involved in playing it. To be anywhere near competitive, you have to lash the cash on wadges of "virtual" cards. That's right virtual. You pay real money for non-existent trading cards. Bah! Never have I wasted my dosh on a more ridiculous idea.

So all in all, a terrible thing, but I've got myself completely hooked on it. The need to play about with wizards and orcs has obviously eaten deeply into the little spare time that I have, and consequently my plans to read lots of comics have been put on hold.

I did make space to take in Rage of the Red Lanterns #1, which was fantastic. I've said it before and I'll bore you by saying it again: if you want to do a good Green Lantern comic, you need do just two things: find a good artist and get him/her to draw a shitload of weird aliens punching holes in each others heads. Geoff Johns understands this and it's why Rage of the Red Lanterns ROCKS!

In Shane Davis, the book has a penciller who clearly revels in drawing aliens, there are dozens of them on show here including...


What a glorious, ridiculous thing that is. I mean, come on it's a blood spewing domestic cat in spandex. Ha Ha Ha. That'll do for me.

I sincerely hope we get a back story for this one. I'm willing to wager that it involves some cosmic mouse shenanigans. Please Mr Johns let's have a mouse in the Green Lanterns so that we can enjoy some interplanetary Itchy and Scratchy style fun.


Anonymous said...

Jesus H. Corbett!
Do mean to tell me youve been playing online, time consuming, expensive games with absolute strangers...? When you could have been slicing people in half, or showering arrows down on your antagonists from the back of a War Mammoth, with me, on Age of Conan 'Hyborian Adventures' (available at all good stockists)?
Fucking shame on your sorry ass!
CONAN RULES!! Blood splattering, Robert E. Howardesquely, good fun!

Dom Sutton said...

Love to, but I just don't have the time mate!