Saturday, 5 December 2009


Quickly then (got the missus and son staring at me, waiting to go out)

Tomorrow: Dave's Quiz. I can't go, but you should, it's brill.
Greenman & French Horn pub St. Martins Lane WC2N 4EZ 6.45pm

Also there's a mart at The Royal National. I might make that.

Right, eye-daggers being thrown.

Check this out...


eye-melt said...

Went to the quiz. Amazing. Big Dave was at least 200% better than I expected. Absolute legend. And our team won which was a bonus, I got to take home some extra large Hulk underpants.

Dom Sutton said...


Glad you enjoyed it and congrats on winning. Dave's a legend.

Anonymous said...

God Bless you merry gentlemen!
Glad you enjoyed...
More to come in the New Year.
And more grrrrreat prizes!
Goli Mar,
PS. Id like to write an LLC article on it if I might?
And fucking guess what? Eye-melt LOVES HULK!!!