Monday, 6 September 2010

Very Briefly

A fine time yesterday! I hit up the mart early and garnered the usual mounds of tat. Then an afternoon spent mooching around EVERY single one of the West End's comic shops INCLUDING the Used Record and Tape Exchange on Berwick Street. Great stuff.

From there I met up with John Bishop for a bit of Chinese at my favourite China Town restaurant, Mr Kong's and then to The Pillars of Hercules for Dave F's NerDgasm 7. In attendance beside me and John B, were Mike Leader, Joe Ewens and hitherto unknown LLC reader Dexter who also bought along his pal John, a man who knew fuck all about comics or SF but did answer a WWF question that nobody else knew - Top men both of them. Great to meet you lads.

We came second winning a pack of Star Wars Top Trumps and some Star Wars pants which we gave away to the team who donated me the Spider-Man aftershave at the last event.

Now, to the not so fine news. I apologise to all those who were expecting a more detailed mart or quiz report, but today I started a full-time course of study which is going to take absolutely all my time and energy for the next five months. It's highly likely that this blog will get a wee bit wheezy in that time. I don't intend for it to slope off and die or anything, but I'm pretty sure content will be LOW. Sorry about that, but I have to hit the books harder than the comics for a while.

Normal service will be resumed some time in January.


colsmi said...

Nothing, but nothing makes me miss London more than your mart pieces, Dom.

And the very mention of the Record and Tape Exchange. There's nought to match it up here by the fens, I'll tell you.

Jared said...

Sounds really good - anything we should add to the GeekMap?

JJT said...

I had to miss the mart due to being on holiday BUT if you plan another post-mart drink up at the next one the Marquis of Cornwallis on 31 Marchmont Street is worth a look. Sad news to hear that LLC entries will be getting briefer... First Wednesday comics now this, DOH!

Dexter said...

Well it was a pleasure to finally meet you and participate in the Quiz. You were right it was really fun and even Jon looks forwards to the next one.

We might try to bring a bigger crew and try not to come last.

Good luck with the studying.


eye-melt said...

Awesome as usual. Sorry about the Buck Rogers screwup. We did pretty well though. Good work, team!

pulpsfromthebothy said...

Good luck with the studying!

Tam said...

drat, forgot there was a mart last week, though probably for the best given how large my stacks of unread books and comics, (let alone dvds) are just now... Oh well, hope to catch up with you at the next one!