Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The Brothers French

I love this photo.
Little Ad' and Big Dave in all their glory (Ad's dressed as Lex Luthor. Dave always looks like that).
Taken at Sunday's Halloween NerDgasm special, which was the most fantastic NerDgasm yet!
We won it.
On a tie break no less.
The other team didn't know their Mirkwood from their Fangorn.
They also had the temerity to question my assertion that Ro-Jaws had once been an ABC Warrior.
The fools.
I now have Creepshow II, Tomb of Dracula pants and Dario Argento's Demons.
Good times.


Big D said...

Thanks for coming Dom.
Nerdgasm wouldnt be the same without you and your team!
Just an aside, Dario Argento Presents, but Lamberto Bava is the actual director of Demons.
Fucking gore-tastic!

eye-melt said...

Demons- wicked. Tomb of Dracula pants- possibly the greatest thing I've ever seen at Nerdgasm.

Colin Smith said...

Ah. Tomb of Dracula pants ....