Sunday, 16 January 2011

Reading again

Hello inter-pals!
Hope all is well with you.
It's been so long since I wrote anything on here that I've forgotten how to do it.
What was the old formula again? Mention a comic? Swear a bit? Scan in a panel?
Ah yes, I remember.

I have actually read some comics in the last few weeks. Prison Pit II, Powr Mastrs, couple of issues of Nancy in Hell, which I bought way back in September solely for the Juan Jose Ryp art (I was into his stuff before it was cool to like him, don'cha know?)

Also took advantage of a DC online sale to buy the entirety of Grant Morrison's Batman run for 45p an issue. The catch is that they are digital comics. My other half has an ipad though, so I thought I'd give the old Comixology app a try.

Oddly, I've found myself enjoying reading the digital versions. I'm quite into that feature where you can read the story panel by panel rather than having to look at the whole page. Probably disrupts the rhythms that the writer and artist are trying to establish but on the plus side, getting in that close to a piece of art really seems to work for me. I'm seeing things in panels that I never noticed on paper.

Last night I also downloaded the free zero issue of Image's Skull Kickers. Enjoyed it plenty and I'm considering buying the other issues. Might also pick up digital copies of Orc Stain.

Have to say though, at £1.19 an issue, I still think these things are too expensive. I would really get behind them if they were 50p a pop, but at the moment it's not going to be that much more expensive to trade wait. Still, I'm definitely warming to this digital business - certainly as far as mainstream comics go anyway.


mr wheatley said...

you are moments away from wanging them all down off a torrent...
good to have you back

Dom Sutton said...

you can't do that lovely whizzy, swipey finger thing with the dodgy ones though. I like the way it draws your eye to the important stuff on the Comixology comics!
PS I want Prison Pit Vol one back!
PPS When's Kill List out?

mr wheatley said...

kill list is very nearly done... another month,
i read the second prizzpit v good.

James Riley said...

hi dom, glad to see the blog has returned.

seen this video of prison pit being 'performed' live?: