Tuesday, 15 May 2007

10 Hitler Heads!

1. Captain America Comics #1

2. Headline comics #8

3. Daredevil Comics #1

4. The Invaders #19

5. Star Spangled War Stories #156

6. Super-Villain Team-Up #17

7. Strontium Dog Volume #1

8. Fantastic Four #292

9. Captain America #298

10. Midnighter #4

Inspired by an original comic book ad...

All images except 1, 2 and 3 taken from the LLC archives.


Ben said...

paul neary hitler! yay! i have that cap, bought at the time.
i bought some comics this week.. more invincable trade, nearly uptodate. it rocks. New Last man trade, pretty good, though the air seems to seeping out of the story as they rap up all the mysteries. New avengers.. pretty good. Went to Orbital again today.. my favorite comic shop of the moment, outside of Daves in Brighton.

Dom Sutton said...

Yeah, love Neary's art on Cap.

That issue is one of my all time faves. The Red Skull rules.

Ben said...

i always felt a bit miserable about those killer nun women who got transformed back to their original states, which was fine for most of them, but one had had her hands and feet replaced with claws or something, which must have been a real bummer.