Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Comic book violence for the soul

Christ, I've had a shitty day.

Nothing serious, just an accumulation of irritating little incidents which have left me ready to draw the curtains and wait for tomorrow.

Sadly I'm finding it hard to switch off, so I've spent the last couple of hours trying out Bart Simpson's cure for the blues...

It works!

Here are four examples of funny book fisticuffs that helped ease my pain...

Golden Age Batman goes jackhammer on Charlie Chan's chin

Silver Age Namor hands it to a hobo

Bronze Age Doom grills the Ghost Rider

And the very modern day Boys kick off their brief stay at Wildstorm with a boot to the head

Aaah, the healing power of comic book violence through the ages.

Panels taken from Bongo Comics Free Comic Book Day 2007, The Batman Chronicles Volume #2, Essential Fantastic Four Volume #1, The Champions Classic Volume #2 and The Boys #1.

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