Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Millar time

That Mark Millar gets a lot of stick doesn't he?

Shame really. I mean I didn't particularly enjoy Civil War, but the lad's produced a lot of top quality action comics over the last two or three years, including two bona fide Marvel classics in Wolverine: Enemy of the State and The Ultimates Volume #1.

That Wolverine story, (drawn by Romita Jnr) is just amazing. Wolverine v the Marvel Universe on board a shield helicarrier. Nuff said.

As for the first volume of the Ultimates, well, I've read it three or four times and really, I think it's one of the finest Marvel comics ever to see print. It ticks all the right boxes: Alcoholic Tony Stark. World War Two Cap. A Hulk who smashes. Nazis. Aliens. Alien Nazis. All done with a black sense of humour and all drawn by the brilliant Bryan Hitch who nails every single jawdropping panel.

Honestly everything about it is beyond awesome. If I had to pick just one reason to read it though, I'd go for this fight scene. It looks like it's taking place in hell, and ends when Captain America cuts a naked Nazi/alien in half with his shield before delivering one of THE greatest lines ever uttered in a Marvel comic...

You'll have to supersize the final panel to enjoy it properly...

That my friends is as good as superhero comics get.

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mr wheatley said...

yeah, millar is great. nuff said.
skrull crew eh? i was looking at that today. Got the goon, which was a bit weak and Hard boiled, which id lent to someone, well 13 years ago as it turns out. it still rocks though!