Sunday, 3 June 2007

Saturday shorts

Four things I am trying to resist

1. Heroclix. There's an excited little voice in the back of my mind that keeps on telling me it would be really cool to buy some heroclix. I say no! First off I don't need to bring more stuff into my house, it's full of dusty piles of old tat as it is. Secondly I have no-one to play heroclix with. Thirdly playing with little clicky figures on graph paper maps at 35 is sad. And yet...

2. X-Box 360. I have a Playstation Two. I've played precisely two games on it in three years: Grand Theft Auto and Medal of Honour. I have other games, but I hate them all. I only want an X-Box to play Gears of War and Marvel Ultimate Alliance. Nothing else appeals to me. I am not spending £250 for two games that I will be bored of in a week.

3. E-Bay. I have to stop looking on E-bay, it leads to disasters like this. Honestly E-bay is evil, it can convince me that I really need to buy that full run of Nightforce because at £10 it would be stupid not to. At one stage last year I was getting daily deliveries of E-bay wins. It pissed my girlfriend off and left me with a lot of comics I didn't really want. The Eagle disaster was my last significant e-bay aberration. I swear.

4. Planet Hulk. I did end up reading Civil War, but I borrowed a friend's copy of the trade to do it. I am reading 52, but again I've borrowed the issues. I might want to read Planet Hulk but I'm not going to because if I do I'll just end up buying all the damn crossover titles and I am determined not to be a sucker.

In the shops this week....

Silver Surfer Requiem

Ultimate Fantastic Four
(featuring the Silver Surfer)

both hard on the heels of last week's...

Fantastic Four #526

and the latest Marvel Omnibus...

Who'd ever know that the Silver Surfer was about to make his big screen debut? Norrin Radd would have been depressed (well even more depressed than normal).

I dropped Ultimate Fantastic Four this week by the way. Leaving me with just one Ultimate title (Spider-Man) on my buy list.


I'm well into my comic podcasts at the moment. There are shitloads out there. These are the four I subscribe to...

1 Around Comics Three blokes in a comic shop talking about comics. Insightful, informative, usually very funny. My favourite.

2 Pipeline Comic Book podcast Worth a listen before you pick up your weekly stash. The host Augie De Blieck also writes an excellent weekly column which you can find here

3 Comic Geek Speak This is the first comic podcast I listened to. They seem to put out a new episode every couple of minutes. Some are brilliant, some you can skip. Basically it's a bunch of geeks talking about comics. They get some great guests and have a regular slot with comic book writer Sal Abbinanti (uncle Sal as they call him) which is ALWAYS hilarious.

4 Word Balloon John Siuntres interviews the top creators in comics. Essential stuff.


Ben said...

quite fancy hulk war ... i wont buy the dreary crossover stuff but i like a bit of rampage.
dunno, civil war was so so, i was bemused really about all the trouble it caused.
xbox 360, not bothered, might get a new pc for crysis.. maybe.. i would have thought youd fancy a bit of crackdown on the 360.. have a look.
i bought the new boys... woo its a goody, nuff said.
bought the trade of ronin and reread.. its a bit shit sadly.. i remember it being brain meltingly brilliant. maybe it works better in single issues.

Dom Sutton said...

Ronin isn't the greatest of stories, but the art is fantastic. I definitely think buying the originals helps. I remember the big thing for me in the 80's was picking it up and being shocked by how glossy and heavy the paper was.

Did you get my text?