Monday, 17 May 2010

NerDgasm VI

In an effort to pull in the norms to Big D's NerDgasm Quiz, The Pillars of Hercules have done a bit of creative rebranding...

Anyone who turned up expecting questions about Kramer vs Kramer or Terms of Endearment would have been sadly disappointed, but no matter, I'm sure they would still have left happy, because it goes without saying that last night's quiz was a treat. New faces, old faces, an argument over the original Defenders line-up (whatever anyone says, John B was right - The Silver Surfer wasn't on the team), a chance for me to discover that I've stored the theme tune to TJ Hooker in some dark recess of my brain, prizes for everyone, (we scored some fine second-hand FF books and a vile statue of a barbarian on a mound of severed heads), and, above all, laughs. Lots of laughs!

A couple of people saw the plug on The Gosh blog, turned up, teamed up (with Dave's brother, Little Ad') and won! One fella wandered in from the coffee shop next door and enjoyed himself so much that he left vowing to bring new recruits to the next one, and the LLC sponsored team boasted a record seven members.

Given that it was pissing down with rain, turnout was good. Hopefully even more of you will come to the next one. As ever, I'll let you know when it is.

It really is a spanking night. In what other drinking establishment can you sup your ale to the strains of C.H.I.P.S. and The Gonk?


Tam said...

I WILL come along, one of these days!

eye-melt said...

Far too awesome as usual. Always worth turning up, even if we weren't victorious. Thank you Big Dave once more!

Anonymous said...

Thanks John!
Always a pleasure. NerDgasm VII is already in the making. Im gonna try and make this one the bestest EVER...
My skills at cutting and editing sound clips and movie quotes is becoming legendary.
And of course even as Quizmaster I bow to your knowledge of the Defenders.