Friday, 7 May 2010

Shopping List

Some good stuff out this week. Quite a big shopping list for me, which is a shame as I've hardly had a chance to make a dent on last week's stack. Some serious catching up to do then. Here's a few of the floppies I'll be adding to my teetering "To Read" pile...

Roberson and Allred's I Zombie #1, which sounds a teensy bit like a rip off of the BBC show Being Human, but has received some positive buzz and looks beautiful. I'm as burnt out by zombie comics as the next man, but this promises to put a fresh spin on a tired genre, and with that creative team I think it deserves a shot.

Brightest Day #1, which is what it is - namely another DC event book of no intellectual worth in which Geoff Johns seeks to tie together jumbled continuity and turn the clocks back to what he perceives to be a happier time for DC comics. It's a trend that's obviously gone down well with a lot of readers, but which has alarmed others. I'm on record as a fan of Johns' work on Green Lantern and The JSA, so I'll be buying. Have to say though, I can see where the critics are coming from. For a fantastic, eye-opening article from one of the alarmed contingent, check THIS out.

Hellboy in Mexico, a one shot set in 1950s Mexico written by Mike Mignola and drawn by the legendary Rich Corben. Corben has been on strong form of late, producing some stunning work in Conan and Hellboy. I usually trade wait on the Hellboy books, but I think I'll grab this now.

Sweet Tooth #9 Jeff Lemire's weird and wonderful comic about the adventures of a Deer Boy and a bounty hunter in a post-apocalyptic America. I'm not suggesting you pick it up with this issue, but the first trade comes out this week and if you haven't been reading, it's well worth picking up.

There's loads more good comics including new issues of Conan, Jonah Hex and Batman and Robin. And, if you missed it last week then I heartily recommend you pick up The DC Showcase of Dial H For Hero. It's a slimmer volume than the usual showcases, but it's absolutely crammed full of bonkers Silver Age goodness. Well worth £7 of anyone's hard earned.


pulpsfromthebothy said...

I picked up I Zombee too, looks good and its my first ever Zombee comic! Thanks for the heads up on Dial H for Hero, I'll be getting that for sure.

Dom said...

It's great, you'll love it