Sunday, 6 March 2011

The Green Horror!

In case you didn't know, the excellent Four Color Fear has just been reprinted by Fantagraphics. This survey of obscure pre-code horror classics is a must have for horror comics fans. Every single one of the tales inside is a stunner, they all come with footnotes and, in the middle of the book, there's a glossy gallery of classic pre-code horror covers.

I had just started to scan in one of my favourite stories from the collection when my crappy scanner exploded. Bah! Got the first page. It's a particularly bonkers effort...

for a series of black-and-white scans of the rest of the story, (in which the cactus' face can be seen!), go here.

To read more about Four Color Fear, download four of the stories from the book as PDFs and check out one of Fantagraphics' nifty little flick-through preview vids, go here.

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