Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Couple of bits from friends of London Loves Comics.

First off, Peter Kirkham sent me a link to a very affordable ebay listing of Roger Langridge art. £35 a piece for some very, very lovely original art. Go get it before someone else does! LINK

Next, John Bishop posted a brilliant piece of vintage convention promo work to his Facebook page.
Here t'is...

Classic bit of Stan Lee: "I think I'm probably my biggest fan!"


eye-melt said...

Can't really take all the credit, that clip has been doing the rounds recently, I just swiped it.

And just bagged 2 pages of Langridge.

mr wheatley said...

and wolverine is getting his own series starting in july
is he?

Dom said...

The constant repetition of that phrase "Comics aren't just for kids." That was a real mantra at the back end of the 80s wasn't it.

Anonymous said...

I love the big glasses on both Defalco and Nicieza.

The Langridge pages are very nice and the price is mighy tempting.


eye-melt said...

My pages arrived today, bloody nice! And to top it off he chucked in a personalised sketch for me! What a guy! Go and get some, you won't be disappointed.