Sunday, 10 April 2011

Kapow! Day Two

Leinil Yu enjoying a kebab at 10am.

Sad Beast.

Bored Spidey.

Cosplayers getting ready for cosplay contest.


Chris Weston.

Dave and Lady Deadpool.

The winner!
Dave won best cosplayer award for Kapow! 2011!
What a great weekend. Report when I have time (few days)


Neil said...

I had plenty fun. Nice to bathe in the nerdy.

Mr A. P. Salmond, esq. said...

Nice one Dave! Best moment was when he came past with all the Bat-women trailing along behind him like the world's most garish harem.

Love Sad Beast! So forlorn! It's the hands on the railing that make it.

Dom said...

Hello, fellow Dominic. I stumbled onto your site, and I'm glad I did. The Bane costume was awesome. I like the idea that a buff guy dressed-up. Being buff doesn't always translate into being a comic fan, but every once in a while you get the exception...and they win contests for it, apparently.

Dom said...

Neil - sad to have missed you. Next one!
Mr S - Sad Beast is my face too. I have some nice cosplay video, but it won't seem to load on blogger.
Dom - welcome fellowDom. Dave (Bane) is a showman extraordinaire. You should see his pub quiz.

Dom said...

Fave, not face. Bah!

J_Smitty_ said...

Sad Beast could totally be Jonathan Hodgman from the Apple ads & Daily Show. Totally.