Monday, 4 April 2011


It's this weekend, people.

Details of all the panels HERE.

I'm not that fussed by any of that. Sorry. The Mills and O'Neill thing might be worth a look.

I do want to get a few sketches from artists. Wonder if Mike McMahon and Dave Gibbons will be doing them. How much you think McMahon would charge me for a sketch of Dredd dragging Mean Machine from a chain tied to a Lawmaster?

Speaking of sketches - what size sketchbook do I need for one of these things?

Other than the sketches, I'm really hoping there are some 25p boxes of rotting tat for me to go through.

If not I will be sad.

But I am looking forward to seeing my comic chums! Let me know if you're coming and we'll have a drink! If enough people are up for it, we could even go for a curry on Saturday night.


eye-melt said...

My sketchbook is a hardback about A4 size landscape. Sadly, I didn't notice until after a few sketches that the pages are microscopically perforated, so a few of them are migrating. So don't buy from WHSmiths, the knobheads.

Prices for the sketches vary, I got most of mine when folks didn't charge, but now it seems to be the norm. On average I think you're looking at about a fiver for a head shot, and anywhere up to 20 for different levels of complication within reason.

I also hope there's some tatty bargain boxes to rummage through, I need that crap.

I'm defo up for a curry on the Saturday.

Dom said...

Bought an A4 sketchbook today. It's portrait. I want Gibbons, McMahon and O'Neill in it. What chance?

pulpsfromthebothy said...

Was really hoping to meet Shaky Kane, he's on the guest list but not on the schedule?, plus David Hine is scheduled for Sunday and my ticket is for Saturday, grrr! I hadn't thought about sketches as it wasn't mentioned and I didn't think I could afford it anyway, but now revising that theory and will take something to draw in.

Dom said...

Hey Pete,

Drop me a lime with your mobile number. Let's have a drink on Saturday.



Anonymous said...

Looking forward to this week-end and I'm up for a curry as well.

I hope to get plenty of sketchs especially if there below the 20 quid line. But I'm expecting them to be more expensinve as I've see people charge 40 at London Expo.
And I've spent part of my budget on getting some of those nice Langridge pages...

What time are you all going to get there for?


eye-melt said...

Bleeding Cool says

'Mike Mcmahon has also dropped out due to 'scheduling' difficulties.'

Blast it!

Dom said...

I reckon I'll get there for opening, Dex!

Bummer about McMahon.

Lipstklibrarian said...

Some young scallywag made Bleeding Cool!

eye-melt said...

Some young scallywag made Bleeding Cool!

eye-melt said...

Nell never fucking signs out!