Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Nostalgia bytes

Via the Twittering of Charlie Brooker comes this quite splendid link to ancient Spectrum game cover art.

What a sensational collection that is. It really deserves a nice coffee table book.


Hurk said...

NOTHING gets my nostalgia glands going like playing a spectrum emulator but from those covers- not a flicker! It must be because i never really saw them at the time as we all used to 'tape tapes' and not buy anything! Nice anyway!

Tam said...

I recently discovered 'lee ho fooks' chinese restaurant, (as mentioned in the great song of the same name) really existed... I would've gone there, even though the food reviews were terrible but alas it closed a couple of years ago

James Riley said...

this is great....I have some of these games! Alchemist, Cauldron...brilliant.

More spectrum stuff here: http://www.worldofspectrum.org/

eye-melt said...

These are good. I used to get the Mastertronic games because they were only £1.99. They had more expensive ones at £2.99, and I can clearly remember taking Ball Crazy back to WHSmiths cos it was shit. On my way out I spotted Silver Surfer 18, the comic that got me back into the habit. Galactus vs the Inbetweener! 'Nuff Said True believers!