Thursday, 28 February 2008

Anglo-American relations

Someone posted this image in the comments section of Mike Sterling's blog

I don't remember this title, but I do love the attempt to marry glitzy American heroes with something as British as an Inter City 125 train.

Back in the early 8os I imagine this cover would have struck a chord with quite a few British kids. The 125 was considered vaguely exciting and very, very fast in those days. It doesn't look quite so impressive now of course, but at the time the thought of the Flash and Superman racing each other AND a 125 would have made this mag a solid seller, especially in stations.

From the same publication comes this extraordinary attempt to anglocise (if that's the correct term) DC superheroes by giving them the faces of familiar British celebrities....

The Creeper is Albert Finney, Raven is Joanna Lumley, Starfire is Rula Lenska and Green Lantern appears to be Sean Connery. I think Manbat is Ozzy Osborne, but I could be wrong.

Greg Land and Salvador Larroca eat your hearts out

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