Wednesday, 20 February 2008

The Merry month of May

In amongst all the Secret Invasion tie-ins and Iron Man hype books, there are a few interesting bits and bobs in Marvel's solicitations for May which can be found here.

Nicest surprise is the return of
New Universal. Strangely it seems to be coming back as a six issue mini-series. Whether that means it will pick up from the same point it was at when it just disappeared off the radar, I don't know. At least Warren Ellis is still writing it.

LLC favourites,
The Invaders return in the first part of a 12 issue series. Sadly the book will see them transported through time to the current day where they meet the Avengers blah de blah de blah!

Me? I want to read an Invaders comic set during the Second World War. This maxi-series madness sounds more like a convenient way to bring Steve Rogers back into the Marvel Universe than a good Invaders tale. We'll see.

Captain America #38 should be good. Looks like the Red Skull is going to run for President in some kind of Weird Third Reich/West Wing piece of Brubaker brilliance. Woo Hoo!


And while we're talking odd ideas, how about Iron Man meets Swingers in a John Favreau penned tale IRON MAN: VIVA LAS VEGAS #1 (of 4). Favreau seems like an unlikely choice to direct the Iron Man film. I'm even more surprised to see him writing Iron Man comics though.

Mark Millar is knocking out some odd love letter to 1985 in the appropriately titled
MARVEL 1985 #1 (of 6). The solicitation notes promise a tale where "the fate of the planet rests in the hands of one person: Toby, a 13-year-old boy who holds the key to uniting his comic-book idols, the Marvel Heroes!"

Sounds fucking terrible. Still, it's by Millar so you never know.

For their part, DC are hitting us with a whole raft of Final (yeah right!) Crisis gubbins. But (as you'll see here) they are also giving us the second volume of Showcase Presents The Flash, a new ongoing House of Mystery co-written by Bill Willingham, and strange new versions of Tor and The War that Time forgot (those copyrights must be about to lapse) .

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