Thursday, 4 December 2008

The greatest e-mail EVER

Anyone who reads my bilge with any sort of regularity will have been party to my recent Sea-Monkey failure. To cut a long story short, I bought some of the fabled undersea creatures from Woolies, they lived for a few days and then they died. Or at least I thought that they had died until I received this e-mail...

Dear Dom: Read your sad blog about the passing over of your Sea-Monkeys®.

They do not actually die but they time travel in a non-corporeal state, leaving their empty ectoderm behind.

As you know, they are telepathic and come into our world to beam images and seminal thoughts into our minds regarding the state of the world environment and the oceans.

They probably felt that you were receiving the messages so they left and returned to the vast & secret undersea world where they rule.

Please send me your mailing address and phone number and I will send you a new set for you to start another band of telepaths.


Loved the little shrine and thank you for the kind words about Sea-Monkeys®

Adios, G

George C. Atamian

Transcience Corporation

Creators & Owners of Sea-Monkeys®

President Brand Management

& Business Development

2315 N. Laurel Ave

UplandCA 91784

Seriously folks, that's the coolest e-mail I've EVER received AND it comes direct from Sea-Monkey HQ. God bless you Transcience Corporation! God bless you Sea-Monkeys! 

Check them both out HERE

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pulpsfromthebothy said...

You couldn't dream it up, this is brilliant! Just goes to show that you never know who's reading your weekly waffle.I loved the shrine too and the post that went with it was a cracker!