Tuesday, 7 July 2009


And we're back. Bit of a break on the blogging front owing to the fact that I've been in sole charge of my two-year-old son while the missus was on conference duty in Leicester. Farkinell, I'm knackered! I did consider writing something during the evenings, but to be honest with you, I've been crashing out at around 8pm every night. Honestly, sleep has never come so easily. Christ knows how people cope as single parents with no family support. Fizzy drinks, that's my only answer.

Anyway, the missus has returned, so the workload is lightened and I can once again resume my comics related blathering. That said, I haven't had time to read anything much, the odd issue here and there. Batman & Robin #2, which you've all read about anyway, and Chew #2 which was almost as strong as issue #1 (does that count as a review? Fuck it, it'll have to).

During my occasional forays online I've been following the whole Rob Liefeld/Peter David/Shatterstar blow-up with some interest. Fellow Londonite Neil makes reference to the business HERE and, as a quick aside, links this brilliant page. Neil also recommended me the podcast Awesomed by Comics, which I've been plugging into my head for a month or two now, and they provide their own deliciously snarky take on the whole thing HERE.

Me? Truthfully? I hadn't even heard of fucking Shatterstar until last week. Seriously, I know that will harm my credibility the next time I get into one of those, What weighs more, Mjolnir or Stormbreaker?, type arguments, ("How the fuck would you know dude, you haven't even heard of Shatterstar?"), but I stopped reading comics completely in the 90s and haven't read an X book since getting back into the hobby, so I'm utterly clueless about the whole thing.

Obviously Liefeld's just a bit of a bible-beating loon who doesn't like The Gays. He more than most should realise the perils of work-for-hire though, so it seems a bit daft to get his knickers in a twist over a Marvel character who he has no rights over. There you have it, my informed and biting commentary on the big (and hugely unimportant) story in comics this week. Aren't you glad you stopped by?


Neil said...

Would Liefeld have felt the urge to comment had Peter David written, say, Domino and Feral into a steamy, sapphic clinch..?

Let's all guess.

Dom Sutton said...

Domino and Feral? I have no idea who they are.