Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Shopping List

I'm still feeling bad for knocking Asterios Polyp yesterday. I mean, who the fuck am I to have a pop? Just some spawny fat tosser who hasn't got an ounce of the talent that David Mazzuchelli possesses. Sorry Mazzer. Really I am.

Anyway, on to this week's shopping list...

What have we got? Rare issue of Fear Agent, the last before it goes on "hiatus" I believe. Sad really, I've grooved on all Rick Remender's indie books (Crawlspace, Fear Agent, Gigantic, End League) but have no real interest in picking up a bunch of new Marvel titles just to follow his work. I understand that the man needs to make a living, but his is too inspired a mind to be tied to The Punisher. Ach well.

Marvel Zombies IV wraps up. Not as good as the third installment, but Fred Van Lente still makes me chuckle. I have to think that he's wrung all that he can out of the zombie thing now. As much as I've enjoyed the whole Marvel Zombies trip, it's got to the point where even I'm going to skip Marvel Zombies V (if there is one).

Fallen behind on the whole World of Krypton thing again, not sure I can be arsed to catch up either. This week's Superman takes us up to part 36 or something, and it won't even have Superman in it. A Superman comic without Superman? I ask you.

Similarly behind on both Northlanders and the Final Crisis Aftermath titles, but continue to buy them in anticipation of that far away tomorrow when I can commit an entire uninterrupted weekend to reading. Loser.

Complete Dracula #2 from Dynamite is another Leah Moore and John Reppion collaboration. As with their other Dynamite book, Sherlock Holmes, it's a surprisingly good comic. I remember picking up Moore's Animal Girl a few years ago and thinking that it was a bit pony to be honest, but her and the hubby are really knocking out some good comics now. If you aren't reading them already, I do recommend picking up both the Holmes and Dracula books when they're traded. Both nice, well-paced period pieces with some decent art.

Tales from The Corps continues to scratch my alien itch (urggh). Blackest Night is all very silly I know, but I'm enjoying it thus far. I'll probably make it my last big event in single issue format before switching to trades. Seems like a decent one to go out on.

There you go, I'll also be picking up Darwyn Cooke's Parker from Gosh (with or without bookplate)! receiving the last couple of 100 Bullets trades in the post and vol 1 of The Creepy Archives, a collection which I'd been determined to avoid, given that it's fucking expensive and is going to run to about 40 volumes, but which I cracked on after reading that Alex Toth reprint in the Creepy reboot.

Gaaah, Curse you comics!

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