Tuesday, 28 July 2009

more quick reviews

Amazing Spidey #600
Strong start, but that big Spidey story is too long. Nice art and all, but there's a bit of padding going on in there. As for the rest of the stuff - still haven't read it all, but the Stan Lee story is rubbish and a complete waste of Marcos Martin's considerable talents. Soz, but it is. I've taken this issue as a jumping off point.

Asterios Polyp
I realise that a lot of people are pronouncing this one of the finest works of comics genius ever produced, but David Mazzuchelli's graphic novel is a bit poncy for me. Yeah, he's doing lovely things with the medium, It's all very clever, looks absolutely stunning, makes fantastic use of white space etc etc etc, but the story didn't grab me and I didn't understand all the gubbins about philosophy and art.

I prefer Red Hulk.

Yes, I'm a fucking philistine. Please accept my apologies.

Creepy #1
I didn't dislike this reboot of the old horror mag, but it didn't blow me away. The best thing about it was the reprint of the old Toth story. I'll probably be back for more, and it's considerably better than PaperCutz's godawful reboot of Tales From The Crypt.

Christ, that was all a bit negative wasn't it?


mr wheatley said...

yeah, the asterios is a strange one. It felt like taking medicine. I admired it but didnt enjoy it.

Dom Sutton said...

Actually I feel really bad for being so flippant about it, because it clearly is a work of genius. It just didn't do it for me. I did enjoy looking at some of his landscapes. I'll reread it!

Mr A. P. Salmond, esq. said...

Thing is, I really enjoyed it, and not in a poncy way at all. It was a lot funnier and more character-driven than I expected. I thought the final meteor was all a little unnecessary, but otherwise I enjoyed it as a bit of a redemption story.