Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Shopping List

Good morning. Today I will be taking my son to a toddlers drop-in where I will meet with other mothers and debate the inability of toddlers to share. Later, we two men will leave the women and return to our lair for lunch and Essential Spider-Man revision. Then we will rest in preparation for tomorrow when it will once again be time to lash the nerd sack to the buggy and hit the West End for some comics. Here's what I'll be stashing alongside the nappies and Sudocrem...

Action Comics #883
The tedious adventures of Nightprick and Flamecunt. Why am I buying this bilge?

Batman and Robin #6
Three cheers for Phillip Tan! Aye, you heard me right fanboy! I know it's quite the thing to wank off over Frank Quitely and then use the Tan issues to wipe yourself, but I haven't got my knickers in a twist about the artist change up on Batman and Robin because I happen to think Tan is doing an excellent job. Told.

Comic Book Comics #4
I can't believe this is out. It's so fucking good that I'll probably read it in the shop, on the bus and again when I get home. A genuinely fine piece of scholarship and a top comic too.

Drifting Classroom Vol 6
In volume 5 loads of kids caught the plague. Kids who didn't have the plague chased the sick kids around and stabbed them to death with sharp sticks. '70s manga is the b@mb!!1!

Gravel #15
Oh fuck, I'm about six issues behind on Warren Ellis' Hellblazer rip off now. I like it so I keep buying it. Mind you, I haven't been reading it, so it might've turned shit in the last few months. I reckon it's about 70/30 to still be good.

What kind of a fucking preview was that, eh? Tosser.

Green Lantern Corps #42
Zombie alien shenanigans. I'm the only person who isn't completely bored of this aren't I?

Irredeemable #8
Behind, behind. Can't remember what's happening, dum-de-dum-de-dum.
That issue where The Plutonian killed Singapore made me laugh, so I'm still getting it.

Jersey Gods #9
Bollocks, I'm six issues behind on this and it's fucking brilliant. What a wanker.

Phonogram #5
I've already mentioned that I'm too old for this comic. I'm also far too stupid to understand all of what's going on and don't know anything about any of the bands referenced throughout. To be honest it leaves me feeling a bit like an ageing father trying to tap his feet in time to his teenage child's favourite band. I like it though and fuck my old boots if it isn't pretty.

Rebels #10
Mental starfish from space vs conceited alien. The dog's bollocks. Can't believe I forgot about it when I was listing DC's good comics yesterday. Cunt.


Mr A. P. Salmond, esq. said...

Just to lighten the load a little...
Still no sign of Comic Book Comics in the UM, damn it.
No Irredeemable this week.
Phonogram shipped but has been recalled.

That is the news!

Dom said...

Cheers for the update. Shame about Comic Book Comics, but as long as I get Drifting Classroom I'll be happy.

Mike Leader said...

You know it's a good week when you have to 'make do' with the likes of Unwritten and Batman & Robin! A little gutted that Phonogram is coming a week late, though, and for such a silly reason, too.