Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The state I'm in

The Missus and I were discussing the possibility of having another sprog last night. Nice idea on paper, but I fear any further spawn would spell the end for my comic collection. We're fortunate to live in a place where I get a whole room to dump my tat at the moment, the appearance of another child would call the feasibility of that into question.

I suppose I could get rid of a bit of stuff, just enough to free up one longbox to use as a cot. Bit of a sacrifice though. No, best to stick with the one child I think. Anyway, all the talk of doing away with my comic room prompted me to retreat from reality and give the old lair a good tidy. Here's what it looks like after a clean...

Shelf One: Bit of manga, some old SF mags, my Fighting Fantasy and Lone Wolf books, a few trades waiting to be read and a couple of (gasp) non-comics related items.

New cubes: The missus just bought the lad a wardrobe, meaning that I inherited the old IKEA cubes we were using to store his clothes in.
Top shelf: A few hardcovers, booze, Christopher Reeve postcard, Starro Heroclix and Starro Slaves!
Compartment A: Indie stuff that won't fit in boxes, Lovecraft stories, SF novels
Compartment B: Starman Omnibus 1-3. Yankee comics waiting to be filed.
Compartment C: Copies of Back Issue and Alter Ego. JSA trades. Old Comic Buyers Guide
Compartment D: Wednesday Comics. Some Yankee comics which are waiting to be read.
Compartment E: Gravel. Unclassifiable tat.
Compartment F: More unread Yankee filth.
Compartment G: Bags and Boardzzzz. Empty Starro Box.
Compartment H: More exciting tat.

Longboxes: This is where I entomb my single issues.

The wardrobe: Here be Eagle, Scream, Crunch, old 2000ADs, boardgames, dust, spiders etc.

Three more longboxes: One of filed stuff, two of stuff waiting to be crammed into alphabetical order. I really can't be arsed to do this at the moment. The 2000AD inheritance: Crated this up and put it in order last night, fucking dirty, sellotapey, dusty job it was too. I now know exactly what issues I need to complete my run of the first 600 progs. It ain't that many.

Altar of The Man-Toys: Shelf of Heroclix topped off with original Shaun Phillips page from Marvel Zombies #1, Marvel postcards and tank of rotting Sea-Monkeys.

Shelf Two: The bulk of my trade collection. Top shelf contains all the EC Archives, The Creepy and Eerie Archives and various Jack Kirby omnibuses. Second shelf is a hotch potch. Third shelf is all Showcases and Essentials. The rest is a fairly chaotic jumble.

And that's it, your exclusive tour of the LLC Lair. Exciting stuff!


mr wheatley said...

wow. i may document my nerd wall. That includes comics, films, film books and many terabytes of hard drives.

Mr A. P. Salmond, esq. said...

Have you seen the Shelf Porn feature the Robot 6 guys do? You should send this in!

Mike Leader said...

Bloody hell! Quite a spread...

Dom said...

I hadn't seen the Robot 6 thing. I have now though! The rooms shown in the shelf porn feature put mine to shame. I couldn't possibly send the pics in, I'd be laughed out of Nerdtown.

Anonymous said...

That was coooooool.

Come I come to your house and lie on the floor eating cookies, drinking milk and reading comics? Oh, wait, I haven't read all the stuff I own yet.