Friday, 9 March 2007

Cap death frenzy

Nice job by Marvel's merry marketeers on Captain America's death. In the words of the crazed hypemongers at Wizard...

All the newspapers took the bait. One of London's free rags even ran the story next to news of the real life death of John Inman.

CAP: Will be back. INMAN: Errr, won't.

The hype was bad news for those of us who didn't get to our local comic shop early. I made it to Forbidden Planet by four and Cap was gone. No joy at Gosh or Comicana. Orbital was also out.

So a genuine frenzy then. The bloke at Orbital was fielding a steady stream of phone calls from people wanting to get their hands on the issue and every second person who walked through the door was after it.

Copies are currently going for £15 on e-bay which is all a bit daft really. When Cap rises from the dead in two or three months you'll be able to get yourself a first printing for a few quid.

Still, a nice bit of publicity for Marvel. DC are already on the bandwagon...

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