Saturday, 10 March 2007

The weekly shop #1

So no Cap for me then, which made this an even lighter week than it might normally have been. I did pick up a couple of trades: Exterminators Volume 2 and Godland volume 2, but on the monthly front there were only three books on my list: Criminal #5, Midnighter #5 and New Universal #4.

Haven't had a chance to get stuck into the trades yet as I've been spending the train ride to work ploughing through Geoff Johns' superb run on The Flash. I finished the last of those trades today though, so Godland and Exterminators are up next.

Loved volume one of Godland more than just about anything I've read this year, so I have high hopes for volume two, ditto Exterminators which makes up for a lack of superheroes with a lot of SUPER BUGS. Oh yes kids, we like super bugs!

More on both of those when I've finished them, but for now on to the monthly books...

Criminal #5

What can I say? Don't sit around moping because you can't find Cap#25, you can still get your hands on some Ed Brubaker comic goodness in the shape of Criminal #5.

Every single issue of this series has been brilliant, but this one tops the lot. There's a discussion of neo-noir crime films in the back which makes for a perfect postscript to an issue where Leo goes totally REVENGE crazy and fucks up a lot of bad guys.

Awesome stuff made even more enjoyable by the incredible art of Sean Phillips and the stand-out colours of Val Staples.

My cheap scanner can't do this panel justice, but trust me that flaming farmhouse glows.

As close to perfect as comics can get.

Midnighter #5

Oh lordy, that Garth Ennis is one sick puppy. If there are two more extreme titles out there than The Boys and Midnighter then I haven't seen them.

Midnighter #5 wraps up an arc that mashed up Back to the Future with Downfall to produce a riproaring, Nazi-smashing, time-tripping feast of uber-violent superhero shennanigans which ONLY Ennis could have carried off.

This one's got open heart surgery without anaesthetic, time-travelling bisexuals, amputations, exploding security guards, arson AND a decapitation scene.

Trust me, you're going to find it really, really hard going back to Ultimate Spiderman after this.

New Universal #4

In the latest chapter of Celebrity Marvel Universe, Leonard Nimoy takes on Sawyer from Lost.

I mean come on, even if it wasn't by Warren Ellis you'd still have to buy that wouldn't you?

It is illogical not to love New Universal captain


Ben said...

yeah i spotted that sawyer reference. Not sure how clever it is dropping actors into comics, Sam Jackson as ultimate Nick Fury jumps to mind, its , i dunno a bit needy. It was a great issue though. Im almost tempted to rebuy the original new universe to see how close it is. I was just looking at the first few starbrands the other day, they are pretty cool.

Dom Sutton said...

I think Millar is responsible for the whole celeb thing, he came up with Samuel L Fury and "cast" Eminem and Halle Berry as the leads in WANTED.

I like it in New Universal as it adds to the familiar yet otherworldly feel of the comic.

Besides which it's fun figuring out who everyone is. Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, the old mad fella from Six Feet Under, Sawyer and now Leonard Nimoy. Sure there are some others who I'm forgetting.

The original New Universe stuff was good fun as far as I remember. I bought them all when they came out, but don't have them anymore. You can probably pick them up for a couple of quid on e-bay.

Ben said...

simon pegg in the boys? If Millars responsible for all this, has he taken it from Bolland's early Dredds which seem to feature lots of B movie stars.