Thursday, 12 July 2007

Citizen V

I'm back in blighty, reunited with my scanner and thus able to bring you exclusive screenshots of golden age great Citizen V.

Yes Citizen V, World War II's gayest hero. A man who went into battle wearing marigold gloves, a jaunty hat and an obscenely tight pair of brown shorts.

A man who never wasted a chance to strike a camp pose.

and who dealt with the Nazis by stripping them naked, tying them to chairs and painting big Vs on their chests

"I'm going to be sure you remember this visit for a few days by tying you up, bending you over and buggering you senseless"

fabulous darling


Ben said...

rah he's back!

Dom Sutton said...

Hi mate

Yes back to the gray.

Saw that Vol #2 of Strontium Dog has come out by the way if you are interested.

Ben said...

mmm must slope out to the comic shop in a minute