Friday, 13 July 2007

The Empire of Tears

Pass the tissues I just had a nerdgasm.

Green Lantern #21 (The follow up to last month's Sinestro Corps) is to blame. See there's this sequence where the Guardians of Oa have a chat about the last chapter in their bible: The Book of Oa

LIES FED TO ABIN SUR ON THE PRISON PLANET YSMAULT???? Oh man I know that story. I read it when it came out 21 years ago. Its by Alan Moore and Kev O'Neill. I have the frikkin comic its in.

Tales of the Green Lantern Corps Annual #2

Its a classic little Moore short story, which I thought had been forgotten. Basically, Hal Jordan's predecessor Abin Sur answers a distress call from a crashed spacecraft on a mysterious planet. Uncertain of his whereabouts he asks his ring (no tittering at the back please) about the world below...

Anyway Abin Sur chooses to ignore the bit about getting permission from the Guardians and makes his way to the planet's surface (a Daliesque world of horrors, beautifully rendered by O'Neill) where he meets the brilliantly named Quill of the Five Inversions...

Now Quill's a nasty piece of work, (let's face it the guardians wouldn't have crucified him and stuck giant hatpins through his tummy otherwise), but he's also something of a fortune teller and for reasons best known to himself he gives Abin Sur three questions.

Sur uses his first question to locate the distress call he has come to answer, rescuing a surviving infant from the crashed spacecraft.

His second question concerns his own fate. Quill reveals that he will die when his power ring runs out at a crucial moment and that he will be succeeded by the greatest Green Lantern ever to live, Hal Jordan.

His third question is the one that really has significance for the current Sinestro Corps storyline though...

You'll need to click on the scan below to read Quill's prophecy of doom...

It's a prophecy that appears to refer to events currently unfolding in Green Lantern. The Guardians choose to deny it by expunging it from the Book of Oa...

They might have burned it from the records but I get the feeling that the Guardians are still going to get bit in the arse by "The Blackest Night". The prophecy probably won't be played out to the conclusion suggested by Quill, but the groundwork has been laid.

I love the fact that Geoff Johns has gone back to a 20 year old Alan Moore short story to provide the basis of what is shaping up to be a classic chapter in the current comic. Hopefully we'll get to see Quill making a reappearance, perhaps O'Neill could even be persuaded to draw an issue or two. That thought is bringing on another nerdgasm.

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