Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Stuff and nonsense

So I had planned to review World War Hulk #2, but since my old pal Dave F is a MUCH bigger (in every sense of the word) Hulk fan than me I thought I'd just cut and paste his e-mail to me on the subject.

"World War Hulk.... Verily the comic series I have waited for all my life.

X-Men: World War Hulk... I actually whooped and clapped reading this comic! Its how Hulk always should have been. Breaking Colossus' arms... Smashing Wolverine's face in...repeatedly (I gotta admit I actually drooled at these panels... then laughed... then looked at them some more... then drooled again).

McFarlane and Davis What bitter draught you made me swallow in the '80s when Hulk - IN HIS OWN FUCKIN COMIC! - was bested by a fuckin diminutive, hirsute, Canadian. Sure, Wolverine was popular, but only with other wankers. How I hung my head in shame as they mocked Hulk (and me) counting the blows and counter blows in every panel of every page of the comic at morning tutorial. Then that awful splash of Hulk gettin impaled... GBRRRH! It still makes me shiver.. As if I myself had been impaled by an ethereal dagger crafted by Stan Lee himself. (Hallowed be thy name)

Now Hulk's back and he's smashing fuck out of everyone... Amen!"

And I suppose that sums it up really. This is revenge for Hulk AND his fans.

I hate all the space gladiator shit (purple trousers baby, PURPLE TROUSERS!), but I have to agree with Dave, there is a certain comic geek joy to be had from watching Hulk smashing everyone into the ground.


And you know the double page splash (I won't scan it in for fear of spoiling things) at the end of issue #2 was a total nerdgasm moment and absolutely guarantees that I'll be back for issue #3.


What If Denis Nielsen was drawing for comics...

Black Gas Two #3
comes to a nasty end.

That man Warren Ellis. What can you say?


Terrible how comics turn people into obsessive compulsives. I sat down to read my stack this week and was horrified to find that I'd forgotten to pick up Checkmate #16.

Now I know that the comic will still be sitting on the shelf when I return to the comic shop this Thursday, but it's taken heroic amounts of willpower to resist the urge to make the journey into the West End just to pick up it up.

It's not that I particularly need to read it, it's came out last week so I should have it in last week's pile! ARGGGHHH! 'tis but a short step from here to checking the gas is off every five minutes and lining up all the sauce bottles with labels to the front.


Anonymous said...

I like this David F bloke... You should feature more of his work!
'Nuff said!

Ben said...

french in tha house!
yeah i enjoyed wwh2 loads more.

Dom Sutton said...

As far as events go though it's still not as good as Sinestro Corps over at DC.