Thursday, 16 August 2007

Special guest appearance

Back for his second stint at L L C, ladeeez and gentlemeeeeeeen its Larrndan tarrn's number #1 Ultimate Fighting fan...Mr Dave French.

I'm grateful to Dave for providing me with content while I'm too knackered from hospitals and special baby care units to do anything else but flop into bed when I get home. Over to the mighty one...

"Hi true believers. D.F. again, and what am I gonna start on a rant about straight off the bat…?

World War Hulk of course. Issue 3 continues the carnage, the mayhem, the sheer joy of Hulk doing what he does best… SMASHING.

Okay… Im slightly disappointed he hasn’t killed anyone yet, but hey this is Marvel right? The most memorable panel has to be Dr. Strange soothing the savage Hulk with powerful Magicks, gently taking Hulk by the hands and saying softly ‘Don’t worry Bruce. Ive got you…’ and Hulk simply looking up and saying ‘No… IVE GOT YOU…’ and crushing Strange’s hands into two bloody mittens. HAHAHA. Try casting a spell now Doc!

Can I be really, really honest? I'm not a great fan of Romita’s art and its niggled me since the beginning of the series. There I said it. And I do apologise to any fan of his art but…. Hang on.. No I don’t. I'LL SMASH YOU ALL…

Dave smash

I gotta say growing up in the 70s and reading Hulk comics, (and actually thinking that one day I might become the Hulk if I could just find a Gamma bomb that was just about to detonate) Sal Buscema always got that Hulk snarl just right. Sal Buscema’s art has waves of nostalgia breaking against me like Im a Thai beach hut in a tsunami. I love the guy.

One comic book series I have been enjoying is Marvel’s ‘Illuminati’. Consisting of a rather motley crowd: Black Bolt, Reed Richards, Charles Xavier, Tony Stark, Namor, and Doctor Strange making up the roster. Apparently these wily bunch of grey templed septuagenarians have been pulling strings and fiddling with knobs behind the curtains of the Marvel Universe since forever.

This comic series recounts a few of their ‘greatest’ adventures from Marvels illustrious past. I wont spoil anything but I bet my penny to a shiny gold nugget that most marvel-lites will love it… Issue 4 is a corker, with the team discussing their various girlfriends and sexual conquests. ‘Ol Starkey boy wins hands down, but makes a bit of a faux pas when admitting he shagged a hideously disfigured woman who wears an iron mask to stop people vomiting. TOP THAT!

Okay that it from me folks! Special Thanks to Dom for letting me air more of my mealy mouthed opinions… D.F."

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