Friday, 31 August 2007

LLC special: Diana memorial issue

The Daily Star is in a righteous fury over a comic version of Diana's death which appeared in German newspaper Der Bild yesterday.

The strip, which the Star calls "a sick joke", is by a couple of ancient American comic book creators Sid Jacobson, 77, and Ernie Colon, 75. These two old duffers also knocked out a comic book version of the 9-11 report, although the Star says they "usually work on the likes of Spider-Man's adventures".

At least The Star remembered to hyphenate Spider-Man.

I was momentarily shocked by the first panel which I thought showed a kilo of cocaine flying off Dodi's dashboard. Sadly the caption reveals the vehicle to be a boat not a speeding car. Bah.

Scans taken from the Daily Star

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