Thursday, 20 September 2007

Geeks of the week

Number three in an occasional series where I stalk London's comic shopping community.

This episode features two fairly odd looking goth girls from Forbidden Planet. The blond was chained to the brunette and was being ordered to follow her mistress around the store. I expected them to head for the horror dvds, but they made a beeline for the Planet Hulk hardback.

It's not a very long vid. To be honest I was scared the dominant one might turn round and finish me off a la The Grudge or The Ring.

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mr wheatley said...

you sorry sod! filming goth asses!

Dom Sutton said...


Shame the chain didn't show up very well in the vid.

There was also a stinking fat oaf paying for a £100 statue of Darth Sidius entirely in £1 coins. Wish I'd got it on film.

Still pissed that I failed to film the 40 year old opening packet after packet of Pokemon cards the other month.

mr wheatley said...

a stinking fat oaf! haha the power of the stalker! fear his lense!