Thursday, 10 July 2008

If This Be Doomsday

I'm whacked. I had it in mind to read a lot of comics this evening, but I managed just one before I had to retire to the sofa and vegetate in front of Celebrity Masterchef. Such is life when you have a tiny infant in the house. Still, I've dosed up on pizza, pretzels and red wine and now feel ready to bore anyone who happens upon this page with some inane rambling.

Earlier in the day I dragged myself to the comic shop on five hours sleep and spent far too much money. Every week I make it my mission to drop a few titles and every week I pick up new ones, for shame. I even ended up buying the Final Crisis tie-in Requiem for a dead Martian or whatever the fuck it's called. So much for my plan to stick to the core Crisis mini series.

Weakling that I am, I also allowed Gosh!'s Andrew to foist his latest recommendation on me. Damn your eyes sir! To be fair to the man he hasn't given me a dud yet, and his latest pick Joker's Asylum: Penguin by Jasons Aaron and Pearson is indeed a fine comic. Great riff on The Penguin, insane Batman cameo and The Joker doing his best impression of EC's Crypt-Keeper. KERCHINNG! Aaron digs as far down into The Penguin's psyche as you can in 22 pages, while Pearson's Romitaesque pencils are lent a nightmarish quality by Dave McCaig's dark colours and the artist's own deep inks.

So anyway, that's the only comic I've read today, but I bought a LOT more. Ah well, at least I managed to resist the temptation of spending £50 on the HUGE Heroclix Galactus in Forbidden Planet. It's calling my name though, and I'm not sure if I can fight its Man Toy advances for much longer. Dirty fucking Devourer of dosh!

"I'm hungry for your hard earned Sutton!"


Mr A. P. Salmond, esq. said...

Holy Moses, that Galactus is a monster! If I didn't have my Classic Marvel Figurine Collector one I'd be down there like a shot.

Glad you liked the Penguin. The whole "litany of revenge" sequence felt a bit like something lifted from Moore or Morrison, but it was a good little read, for sure, and one that can happily be read by itself, which almost feels like a novelty these days.

mr wheatley said...

what next...Trion Juggernaut?

Dom Sutton said...

Mr Salmond: What was that Batman cameo about though?

Mr Wheatley: Where did you dredge that obscurity from?

mr wheatley said...

just a lame google for some one bigger than Galactus, i think theres some planet based marvel characters.. but i just couldnt be fucked to delve that deep

Mr A. P. Salmond, esq. said...

Batman as comic foil!

"I'll be watching."