Thursday, 24 July 2008

I'm drunk again... you'll not get much sense from me tonight, except to say that War Heroes by Mark Millar is pish. You know, I normally defend the fella, but this really isn't much cop. There you go, Heroes has got a lot to answer for. Never mind, I'm still enjoying Kick-Ass and even the Fantastic Four which everyone else seem to think is a steaming pile of excrement. Mark Millar, you're alright son, but War Heroes?...not so much.

What else? I am saddened to hear that Mr Wheatley failed to write me a trip report on his recent jaunt to the comic shops of LA. Bah, no excuses sir! Also Dave F where is your replacement article for the one I couldn't use! Gah! Get on with it.

As for the rest of you? Psssh. Silent lurkers. Damn your eyes!

And sleeeeeeeeeep.


Bruce Mehlmann-Wicks said...

Talking of comic book shops, as you kind of were, I was getting the tube from Finsbury Park and walked past this place have you heard of it? I didn't have time to go in but I was quite surprised to see a comic book shop there. Maybe I'll go check it out tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

not heard of it or seen it mate. What's the address?


mr wheatley said...

fail... fail