Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Sex and violence

If nothing else the title of this post should guarantee a few more hits for this blog. I'll need them if I'm to review Method Man's exciting new comic!

The rapper's publicist contacted LLC to see if I'd give the book a look. Naturally I said I'd love to. Method's PA then asked me,

"Would you happen to know your site's monthly uniques?"

To which I replied,

"Err, I think my mum looks from time to time. Then there's my friend Ben and the bloke who works at my local comic shop. Will that do?"

I haven't heard back. But I'm confident that the former Wu Tang Clan man will be blessing me with his sequential debut very soon. In the meantime I'm planning on inserting random words like blowjob and pissflaps into my posts to boost hits!

ain't nothing to fuck with!

While I wait for my review copy of Method's opus, I've been contenting myself with more conventional spandex based shenanigans. Finished Bullet Points, which was totally worth it for the climactic battle with Galactus. That Tommy Lee Edwards feller can draw the bejiminy out of superheroes. His art makes Bullet Points worth a look, although the Staczynski story feels overly contrived.

I'm having similar thoughts about Wonder Woman at the moment. The latest arc has left me cold story wise, but Aaron Lopresti's art is top drawer. Usually I'm a story first art second sort of person, but sometimes the pictures are so good that they make up for an average script. Having said that, I've enjoyed Simone's previous couple of WW stories, so I'm not about to desert the title just because the last one was a bit of a duffer.

Enjoyed Conan The Cimmerian #0 so I'll be picking up number #1 this week. I read most of the previous Dark Horse series as it came out. Good stuff which did a stand-up job of adapting Howard's stories. I'm all for that and everything, but it would be nice to see a bit more of the Arnie spirit in the new run. Conan was on the telly last night, hadn't seen it for a while and had forgotten what a fine film it is. This moment in particular deserves a comic book adaptation...

llama fucking followed by camel punching! Now that's what I want from my barbarian books!


Mr A. P. Salmond, esq. said...

I saw you get linked to from Newsarama or CBR the other day. That must've spiked the hits!

Also, you must watch the commentary on Conan the Barbarian (Schwarzenegger & Milius). Comedy gold.

Anonymous said...

Funny you should say that, I had a couple of people tell me I have to listen to that commentary. Also had friend going nuts because apparently Arnie won't let Milius talk seriously about the film. I'll have to check it out.

I hadn't realised that there's a new Conan film coming out next year. Hopefully it's got camel punching.