Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Quick stuff

  • Why isn't EC Archives Weird Science vol 3 available on Amazon or The Book Depository? It's been in the comic shops for a few weeks but no sign online. Please don't tell me that the big e book sellers have given up on Gemstone! I can't be paying full price for my EC Archives.
  • Conan the Cimmerian #1 is a fantastic comic. Not only has it got a variant cover by Joe Kubert (drawing Conan for the first time by the way) it's got interiors by the legendary Richard Corben, who draws a fantastic story about Conan's bad-ass grandad! My favourite single issue in ages. Well worth a look.
  • IFanboy have a decent little promotion going on with Simply follow THIS LINK sign up and get 50 free downloads. You have to give your credit/debit card details, but you can cancel your subscription as soon as you've downloaded your 50 freebies. The site doesn't have the most extensive of catalogues, but there's enough on there to keep most people happy. You don't have to download the Ifanboy playlist by the way.

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