Monday, 11 August 2008


No time, no time! All is nappies, work and lack of sleep. Whenever I sit down to write about comics my mind turns to mush and all I can think to say is stuff like: "yesh ish very neyesh comic in wish the men in leotardz punchez each uffer. Ngggggnhhh." Which to be fair is a reasonably accurate description of 90% of the funny books I buy. Hardly the stuff that top quality blogging's made of though is it? Ach well! Who wants more comic reviews anyway? The lads at Comics Daily and Comic Book Resources do a good enough job of that without me jabbering on about the contents of my nerd sack

Quite right Hulk, quite right. So yes moving right along, here's an interesting link for you. Real superheroes, they're coming baby!

What else? Ah yes, I was very sad to hear the news that Jack Kamen has died. Another EC great gone. Who's left now? John Severin, Al Williamson, Jack Davis. I think that's it. They're all legends, but did any of them draw insane people as well as Kamen? For me that was his strength, others did horror and sci-fi better, but no-one drew a full on mentalist as well as Jack...

It's all in the eyes. R.I.P.

Speaking of EC (nice segue Sutton) I finally found a place to order Weird Science Archives vol 3 on the cheap! Woohoo! Step forward Forbidden Planet.

Away from the '50s reprints, I enjoyed issue four of Matt Fraction and Salvador Larocca's Invincible Iron Man. It's a little early to start comparing it to Brubaker and Epting's run on Captain America, but errm I'm going to. Larocca's art isn't as strong as Epting's IMHO, but Fraction's feel for Iron Man is spot on. This is the Iron Man of Micheline and Layton's classic run but with 21st century savvy.

Given that Marvel's Avengers book is such pish it's nice that two of the big guns from the original Avengers team have strong books of their own. Shame that Thor is such a bore, they should let Fraction do that as well. He's doing a top job on the one shots after all.

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