Sunday, 31 August 2008

Lost knives/comics I've read

Somehow my Mr Sin action figure has lost his tiny knife. I can't tell you how much this has upset me. Not only has my action figure been compromised, but I'm now in a world of worry over the possibility of my one-year old son swallowing Mr Sin's titchy blade before I can find it. Gahhh, I knew I should never have brought a man toy into the house! Let this be a warning to you all.

When not panicking about classic Doctor Who toys, I've found time to read a few comics. Finished the Starman Omnibus volume one which was just as good as everyone said. My one gripe is that by the time the next volume comes out I'll undoubtedly have forgotten what's going on. Ah well, I suspect this is a comic I'll enjoy reading again. I missed it completely when it was originally published because I had temporarily stopped reading comics in favour of getting a life. Thankfully I'm over that phase.

What else? Superman Beyond 3D of course, another top Final Crisis book. After swearing not to get drawn into DC's big crossover I've found myself buying every single fucking tie-in. Obviously I feel used, but at the same time I'm enjoying the whole thing. It's hard work, but that's good. I like comics that take more than five minutes to digest and I'm sad enough to get a kick out of trawling the web for background info on the likes of Earth 10's Nazi Superman.

Of course I like quick comic thrills too, and no-one does those better than Mark Millar. I chuckled my way through 15 minutes or so reading the latest issues of Kick-Ass, 1985 and Old Man Logan, before enjoying a genuine "wow!" moment in the latest issue of The Fantastic Four when I hit that splash page revealing that the Hulk has rigged up a comatose Galactus as a giant battery!

There's nothing particularly worthy going on in any of these books, but I find all of them to be entertaining distractions from real life. And, for shame, I really do enjoy Millar's taste for sensation and hype. I know it sounds unlikely, but I think there's something of Stan Lee about him. He knows how to pace a Marvel superhero comic that's for sure.

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