Friday, 15 August 2008

Retail Therapy

I feel lucky to be alive this new comics day. You see, despite the advice of my better half I decided that it would be a good idea to tell the huge family of scumbags over the road that 12.30am was not the best time for them to be having a loud drunken argument in the street. It's not the first occasion I've asked them to shut the fuck up, but it is the first time that they've reacted by throwing full cans of beer at my head and then charging me.

The site of several raging Irishmen thudding across the street should have sent me scampering for safety, but for some bizarre reason my brain clicked into caveman mode telling my legs that the best policy would be to stand my ground and try and defuse the situation. Thankfully two of the younglings, (who had clearly been expecting me to run back indoors), decided that it would be a better idea to restrain their crazed father than to murder me. All very nice of them, but although they did manage to prevent him from attacking me, I was left badly shaken. It's not nice having people threaten to kill you, especially when they're doing it on your doorstep. Really I should have called the police, but I suspect that would create even more trouble. Gahhhhh! What a nightmare!

So anyway what with the adrenalin and the fear pumping around my clogging arteries, I didn't sleep much. Hardly a surprise that morning found me miserable and tired then. Time for the healing power of comics. And so (after checking the street for knife wielding neighbours) to Gosh! where I picked up the bulk of my weekly stash and had a nice chat about Chuck Dixon and Fred Van Lente's new comics with the chaps behind the counter. Then, pausing briefly to admire the silky marketing skills of the folk at Comicana...

"Soon to be a movie. Now in stock"
Post-It note on graphic novel
Nice one lads

...I made my way to Forbidden Planet where I picked up a rather fine Doctor Who Man Toy...

Magnus Greel and MR. Sin action figures. Wow!

Now you know that I know that it's wrong to buy Man Toys. But The Talons of Weng Chiang is my favourite Doctor Who story EVER and the urge to have these two cosying up to my Devil Dinosaur Heroclix was just too powerful to resist.

Awwwwh yeah!
The Peking Homunculus and The Butcher of Brisbane, baby!
That's what I'm talking about!

Ahem. Anyway, while shamefacedly shovelling my new toys into the old nerd sack I was heartened to hear that someone in the background at FP had switched off the ear-bleeding death metal and put this on the loudspeakers...

Magic! If they always played this sort of thing instead of the inverted cross and goats blood based bollocks that they usually assail the punters with, I might shop there more often. Honestly, it was a really nice change. Obviously I'd rather have no music at all, but at least Chas and Dave don't hurt!



Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that happened to you, it must have been really scary. In future I think you should listen to your missus though, especially in the current 'climate'. Don't want you to end up like the kid at the end of the first issue of Kick Ass.

Anonymous said...

if the updates stop you'll know I'm dead


mr wheatley said...

burn them out! that'll learn em