Thursday, 28 August 2008

It's Jack Kirby's birthday

Go read some of his out of print comics

It's also Wrong Door day. I might be biased because it was written and directed by my good friend Mr Wheatley, but I can't see that anyone who likes comics could fail to enjoy The Wrong Door. It's on BBC3 at 10.30pm, give it a go.


Anonymous said...

It's my birthday too! Fabulous news.

I'll be missing the Wrong Door because I'll be out drinking, but I'll do the watch again/iPlayer/download it from somewhere thingy, cos the trailer looked pretty brilliant. Hooray!

-Random Glasgow Man

Bill Henry said...

Long Live the King of Comics!

To honor the day, comic book creators from the Mid-Ohio-Con family and beyond, including Alan Davis, John Byrne, Mike Grell, and others, answer the question "Why is Kirby king?" A baker's dozen of their responses appear today at the Mighty Mighty MOC-BLOG, along with an eye-popping gallery of Kirby's artwork.

Dom Sutton said...

Happy birthday Random Glasgow Man! (Are you the same person as Anonymous Glasgow Man?)

Bill - thanks for letting me know about your fine site.