Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Sea-Monkeys/Another sale/Watchmen

Tilt your head to one side and enjoy a Christmas miracle...

Yes chums, my Sea-Monkeys have risen from the the dead. Not quite sure how or why, but they're there. Good thing I left their tank on my shelf rather than consigning their seemingly dead bodies to the toilet. 

I'm slightly worried by the fact that the water level in their little tank is dropping.  I don't have any purifier left and reckon they'd die again if I poured in tap water - maybe Evian would work, Hmmm. Anyway, good to see them merrily doing their thing.  A couple are actually pretty huge, one even looks like it's got a pair of bollocks although my missus thinks this is unlikely.


News from Orbital comics: They're moving above ground and to bigger premises. To celebrate this momentous occasion they've announced a sale! Yay! Details HERE 50% off ALL back issues - yum!


Only a few months til Watchmen now. Japanese trailer with new stuff in it...

I don't remember Fidel Castro being in the comic.

Redhead Fan Girl has some pics of the cut-outs which are popping up in American cinemas, see them HERE