Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Three comic related things that I think about over and over and over again

The title theme to Luke Cage

Across 110th Street would make a great title track for a Luke Cage Power Man movie. Alright, so it's already been used as the soundtrack for two movies (Across 110th Street and Jackie Brown), but in particularly drunken moments when I start obsessing about how amazing a Luke Cage flick would be, Across 110th Street always seems like the ONLY sensible choice to open up with. Of course I'm assuming that the movie would be a period piece, it'd have to be, right? Cage don't work outside of the 70s man!


52 should be released as a big stonking Omnibus. I'll be honest, I didn't read it as it was coming out because I was determined not to give DC any money for what I imagined was going to be a terrible mess of an event book. 

As it went on though, I began to feel like I was missing out on something special. The way people talked about it made it seem like an event that was up there with the original Crisis. Still, I held off joining in late largely becasue I imagined that since it was so obviously a classic that it would get a big old collected edition of a release when it was finished. Well, we got a couple of poxy paperback trades, but come on! 52 deserves an oversized extras laden fat brick of a hardback. I can't believe we haven't had one. I fear DC aren't going to bother now either.


People on forums and podcasts who say that Watchmen isn't that good need a fucking kicking!  

Alright, it might not seem that amazing to you now, but when it came out it was like nothing else that had ever been done. Honestly, at the time all of my X-men, Teen Titans and Fan Four comics seemed suddenly pointless compared to this well written story loaded up with three dimensional characters.

I think people who don't read comics but see the movie are going to have their minds blown by it. They haven't got anaesthetised by the stream of gritty comics that followed in Watchmen's wake and  still see super-heroes as biff, bang, pow two dimensional cut outs. 

As a jaded comic book fan I envy them the eye opening coming their way. They're probably going to appreciate Watchmen a lot more than some of the poor sods who didn't get to feel the buzz when it came out.


Neil said...

A friend of mine asked me to recommend some comics and I lent him my Watchmen trade. He was surprised by (and taken with) the depth and layers of story telling in there. Bless him, I've ruined most everything else he's going to try but to hear his enthusiasm brought it all back. I experienced envy.

Anonymous said...