Thursday, 25 March 2010

Shopping List

A very short shopping list for me this week...

Green Lantern #52
Northlanders #26
Captain America #604
Secret Warriors #14

I'm skipping the new Millar book, Nemesis, because I'm just about done with limited series at the moment. I'll pick it up in trade.

Almost dropped Northlanders because I've fallen behind by a few issues and it would probably make more sense to pick the stories up in the trade format which they are written for. I've said it before, but it's worth repeating - I think the single issues of Northlanders would really benefit from some decent back matter. It's what keeps me buying Criminal in floppy format and I wouldn't even be considering switching up to trade if Northlanders followed suit. Yes it would entail a price hike to $3.50 (probably) but I have a feeling that this wouldn't hit the numbers too hard. When you're dealing with a series so rooted in real world history, it makes perfect sense to have some accompanying historical text pieces. At least I think so.

Green Lantern continues its zombie-like shamble through Blackest Night, an event which I've enjoyed for the most part, but which I'm ready to see wrap up now. More plot, (as opposed to character), driven shenanigans await, no doubt.

The current Captain America story has been top notch and I look forward to reading the latest installment. However, given the fact that I have zero interest in the back-up story, I am a mite hacked off at the price hike. Pretty soon comics will all be $3.99 with no back-ups, but for the moment I'd rather they kept Cap at $2.99 and spared us the Nomad bilge.

Secret Warriors has its moments. It can be tough keeping track of a large - and for the most part C list - cast but there's enough cool stuff going on in the background to keep me coming back, and the cast of baddies is an impressive one. Say what you like about Mark Millar, but Gorgon is one of the few decent new Marvel villains. He's a genuinely creepy, nasty piece of work who is badass enough to be a player for many years to come. Hickman's done him well in Secret Warriors too.


Jared said...

I read the first Northlanders collection and was... ok with it. I'm not rushing to buy anything else in the series. Should I?

Also not excited about Nemesis, full stop. I'm tired of Millar. I found Kick-ass and Wanted really... foul. And although I liked his Ultimates and 1985 work, I'm going to take a little break from him.

Very pleased to have discovered The Losers recently - especially since it seems to have been out for quite some time. Same with Ex Machina (sp?). I'm looking forward to catching up on both those titles.

Dom Sutton said...

Ex Machina started out great, but, (in my opinion), meandered down some fairly uninteresting sideroads. I dropped it a long time ago.