Tuesday, 23 March 2010

NerDgasm V - A New Beginning!

That man Big Dave F has been tugging at my electronic coattails again. He wants me to remind you that it's NerDgasm time! Yes, gentle readers, the capital's finest pub quiz is back, and it's moving up in the world! Dave's old base of operations, The Green Man and French Horn, has been evacuated in favour of a new secret HQ - legendary Soho watering hole, The Pillars Of Hercules. Just round the corner from Foyles and that place which sells art books upstairs and porn downstairs, (so I've heard, ahem), The Pillars is one of London's most historic pubs. It got a mention in A Tale of Two Cities and still attracts its fair share of literary luvvies, dontcha know? Now, YOU have chance to rub shoulders with these Soho types AND a smattering of confused tourists. Just imagine!

The quiz kicks off 19:00 hours this Sunday. As per usual questions will ALL be comic, SF, horror or computer game related. Already confirmed are myself and fellow defending champion John "Eyemelt" Bishop. Rumours abound that London's premier purveyor of four colour filth, Mr Andrew Salmond will be in attendance, and, of course, there will be the usual tattoeed ladies and muscle fans to compete with. Everyone who enters gets a prize, and, no doubt, there will be the odd mini-game round to keep interest in proceedings high. It's a top, top night, so make sure you're there.

Map showing the location of The Pillars of Hercules HERE

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Mike Leader said...

Sounds good. Let's hope it will be epic, and not a trial. I'll be there.

Anonymous said...

Genius as always Dom.

eye-melt said...

Always a great time to be had! Looking forward to it...