Wednesday, 23 June 2010

sales and advertising

Couple of bits before I hit the sack after another day of gruelling World Cup and potty training action...

Firstly, you may have noticed the Amazon ads over there ==>
Yes, I've sold out.
From now on, any graphic novel that I recommend is going to get a link over there. If you think you might like to buy it based on my review, it would be great if you did so by using the link in the sidebar. I'll get a very small kickback for bringing in your business, which in turn will help fund my horribly expensive comic habit which, after nine months without a pay cheque, is becoming increasingly hard to maintain.

I should add that I'm all for folks spending their hard-earned in the comic shop rather than chucking at Amazon, but if you do find yourself wanting to order anything I've recommended from the evil online overlords, then please consider doing it through London Loves Comics. Ta.

Right, enough whoring. In other news, the mighty John Bishop has made it on to the Covered blog. Check out his piece HERE. Excellent work, as ever - although I was shocked to see one of the biggest Marvel zombies I've ever met covering a DC book!

John follows in the footsteps of fellow friend of LLC Lord Hurk, whose equally brilliant contributions to Covered can be found HERE

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eye-melt said...

Yes, although I am a Marvel chimp I must admit a certain fondness to those DC classics. I'm gonna give Covered another go, but this time it's gonna be a Marvel gem. And a bit better I hope...