Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Up West

To town for bacon sarnies and a catch up with old pal Mr Wheatley. Then briefly to Orbital for a quick but very worthwhile nose. First up, into the alcove off the back issue section where the good folk of Shaking Street Gallery reside. Among the many fine examples of pop culture posters on offer were some very delicate looking Frank Frazetta posters from the '70s and a fantastic Japanese movie poster for Get Carter, where the grim streets of Newcastle have inexplicably been replaced with an aerial shot of 5th Avenue!

All very nice, but my favourite piece in the shop is this...

A beautiful old poster for the 1944 Captain America Republic serial. The three-figure price tag puts it out of my range, but by Bucky it would look nice on my wall! As would the various Shaky Kane pages on show in Orbital's gallery. Again, prices are in the three-figure range, but there's some lovely stuff on offer. A few shots for you...

Original art from Bulletproof Coffin

Classic Monsters of Movieland rendered in Fuzzy Felt!

£400 for the fuzzy felt monsters! If I had it, I'd buy it. Beautiful piece.

Love the Bulletproof Coffin art too. For those who haven't read issue #1, you really should. You don't even have to buy it, there's a free computer version HERE. It's gonna be a smash, I tell you. A SMASH!

Anyway, after admiring Mr Kane's gubbins, I foisted two of my favourite books of recent times on Mr W - Tales Designed To Thrizzle and Prison Pit. Then took my leave to mooch around the bookshops of Charing Cross Road. Found an absolute bargain on my travels - The Completely MAD Don Martin, for £30! This monster of a slipcase usually retails for £80 - even Amazon want £45 for it. Sadly, I couldn't justify the outlay, so left it sitting there for some other lucky punter to find.



mr wheatley said...

Prison Pit rocks! and i cant believe ive missed orbitals new shop its ace.
A sad state of affairs.

Hurk said...

Yeah they have some brilliant stuff in there- there's a japanese (original) Italian Job Poster too, complete with some sort of map of the heist drawn a naked lady's back.

pulpsfromthebothy said...

Oh my Lord!! Dom Martin, I remember reading a friends old paperback copies of this. I'd love to show my daughter some of that stuff. One sketch in particular, a male monkey lovingly offers the female monkey a banana, cartoon hearts are popping out of his head, there's a climactic pause before she responds with a derisory 'PEEL IT!'

Dom said...

The collected edition contains EVERYTHING he ever did for MAD, so your fave will be in there!